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What We Do

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We Buy...

...Alloyd and other fine blister sealing machines. Then we recondition, re-engineer, virtually re-invent them to perform to original specs (and sometimes beyond.) EMD Products offers guaranteed results and competitive prices for both machines and tooling.

We Sell...

... Alloyd and other fine blisters sealing machines at as much as 70% off the original price.  But there's no compromise in performance. Every machine we sell is brought back to its original level of performance or beyond.

What We Do

Machines are disassembled, inspected carefully, cleaned and repainted.


All worn, damaged or out of spec parts are repaired and/or replaced.


Mechanical and electronic systems are brought up to OE specs (and often upgraded beyond original specifications!)


Machinery is tested, tweaked and adjusted for maximum performance.


Performance levels are confirmed; machine is tested with tooling and product prior to delivery.




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